How Are Your Relationships

This is probably the one area of life that anyone can not afford to mess up in. No matter who you are you are in relationships with someone whether it be your spouse, children, extended family or co workers. So working on this area of your life will definitely pay off for you in the long run.

Relationships help you to magnify the human experience. Let me explain. If you do something by yourself or accomplish a goal in life and it is not shared with others there really isn’t any great feeling of accomplishment. But on the other hand if you experience something in life that is shared with your spouse, children, family, friends or co workers that experience gets magnified because it is a shared experience with the people you have relationships with in your life. So improving your relationships will magnify the quality of your life.

Building good quality relationships takes time and is something that you constantly have to work at if you want the relationships to last or feel at ease when you are associating with the people in your life. Relationships don’t just happen you need to really learn to understand people and their basic needs to have great relationships. You basically really need to know how to deal with people and understand that all the same rules apply whether you are really close to the person or not.

Building Great Relationships

  • Have respect for them
  • Learn to listen to there needs
  • Have empathy for people
  • Give to the relationship

Relationships is a place where you go to give not get. This is something that I think that most people make the biggest mistakes in their relationships. People are always looking at what they are getting out of the relationship instead of what they are giving to it. If you go into relationships this way you will always lose.

Relationships are always about giving of yourself to the others in your life and in doing so you will always get back in return. This is the law of reciprocation because a person can’t help but give back what they are receiving in a relationship from you. That is why if there is resentment, anger, fear or any other emotion that is giving to one in the relationship it is reflected right back to the person projecting it on to others. The same can be said about love, happiness, understanding and support.

If you have great relationships or want to improve them there are many programs and books that can help you improve and develop relationships with your spouse, children, family, friends and co workers. Remember to get the best out of life is to simply magnify the human experience by developing great relationships.

Relationship Products

Build bridges to anyone in any business or social situation using the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would like done unto them!” Learn how to instantly identify someone’s unique personality style and adjust your own behavior accordingly, to lessen conflict and quickly achieve your objectives.
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