Unstoppable By:Cynthia Kersey

Are you Unstoppable or do you let obstacles and road blocks slow you down or worse stop you dead in your tracks. The reason that I asked is because most of us allow ourselves to give up on the things we really want when the going gets tough. We don’t really realize that even though the odds are against us and nobody really believes in us that if we keep working and moving towards what we want we can achieve anything in life.

I am in my second read of a great book by Cynthia Kersey called Unstoppable and it is one of the best motivating and inspiring book you will ever read. In this book Cynthia shares with you 45 stories of people just like you who preserver when things get tough and can not only change their lives but also many people’s lives they come in contact with.

The thing that I love about this book is that these are real life role models some you may have even heard of that show you the possibilities for your own life and give you the courage and inspiration to follow your own heart’s desire with more conviction. Along with its heartwarming and inspiring stories in the book you also get a seven step action plan that features the tools you will need to create the life you want and deserve.

Unstoppable make you really think what is possible for you in your life and I would recommend anyone who wants more out of life than they have now or want to give more read this book.

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