Tony Robbins-Personal Power II

Personal Power II 30th Anniversary Edition

Personal Power II is the very best professional and personal development system of all time. In this program Tony Robbins teaches you how to recognize the things that maybe holding back in your life. You also learn how to control the stresses in your life and what could be causing them. Now Tony released Personal Power II 30th Anniversary Edition with lots of bonus content.

When I started listening to this program I really didn’t know what to think. I really thought that I was going to be listening to motivational speaking.  Wow was I in for a shock. You see I have seen Tony Robbins on television before but I didn’t really know who he was or what he was all about.

Personal Power II 30th Anniversary Edition

Let me just say that Tony really gets you thinking and excited about your own life again. You see I always thought that this is the way I am and that’s all I can do. But in this program I discovered that there are controlling forces in your life that are sending you down a path in life that will decide the outcome of your life in general. Here is the thing though. If you don’t like the direction that you are going you have the power to change it. I thought that we were controlled by outside forces around us but Tony teaches you to see, control and change anything in your life by recognizing these behaviors and learning to change them.

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We all can change for a minute or a few days and weeks but most of the time it doesn’t last. Tony will teach you new skills to set yourself up to have lasting change in your life. This isn’t just another audio program it is a life transforming tool that will help you develop yourself to the highest capacity that you want.

Another thing I like about this program is that Tony isn’t just talking to you and tell you what you need to think. He gives you exercises that if you do them and I highly recommend that you do. You will see exactly where you are at and what you really want your life to be like then shows you changes that are necessary to accomplish your goals.

Personal Power II (30th Anniversary Edition) includes:

  • 25 CDs
  • A custom Success Journal
  • A $100 coupon good toward the purchase of any live, multi-day Anthony Robbins event

In addition to all material from the original version of Personal Power II, this special 30th Anniversary Edition includes the following bonus content:
  • Memorable Audio Outtakes from Tony
  • Tony’s original hand-written personal journal entries!
  • Stylized commemorative library case
  • Limited-edition autographed photo of Tony
  • Daily quick reference card
  • FREE full-length DVD from the Inner Strength Series
  • 20 key strategy summary cards
  • FREE Coaching Strategy Session coupon

You want to create your own personal power I highly recommend you at least take a look at this program. You could change your life forever.

Personal Power II 30th Anniversary Edition

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