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Over the past few months has become one of my favorite websites on the net. You see I love to read because I find it a great way to get information on subjects that I am interested in. The only thing is with family obligation and other things it can be sometimes hard to find the time to get some reading in. I usually like to read a book a week so that is 52 books a year and a ton information that you can take in over a year.

This is where one of my favorite sites comes in because they are and audio book website. I don’t know how you feel about audio books but I bet it was probably the same way I felt about them. I thought I couldn’t listen to a book and felt that it wouldn’t be the same as holding a book in you hand and flipping through the pages. I thought what about the bookmarks that I would want to make and parts I would want to reread.

Well with your first experience with and audio book you will find that it is really enjoyable. You can listen to it in the car, on you mp3 player when you are out for a walk or run and you can just listen to it when you are doing some work around the house. That is the best thing about audio books is you can listen to them when you are doing something else.

I joined about 5 months ago and have enjoyed many audio books and at a  lower cost of what it would cost for a normal book.

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This is what I got with my subscription.

Membership Plan Description:

AudibleListener® Gold Membership:Special Promotion: $7.49 a month for the first three months, $14.95 a month thereafter.

Receive 1 credit each month.
Save 30% on all audiobooks purchased without credits.
Roll over up to 6 credits.
Get a free subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.
Enjoy select titles and samples free.

You do have to pay a subscription but you get one free credit each month that you can use to buy books that you are interested in. So it’s like you don’t really pay anything if you use your credits. You also save 30% on anything else you buy this alone in its self is a huge savings.

If you love to read I suggest you check out it is one of the best audio book websites on the web.

Try Audible Now and Get A FREE Audiobook!

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