The Ultimate Edge By: Anthony Robbins

The Ultimate Edge

I’m sure you seen the program The Ultimate Edge By: Anthony Robbins while doing some late night surfing on television. This is where I first seen the program advertised and was really captivated by what all the people who went through the program had to say about it. Let me say that I was compelled to pick up the phone and order his program.

I have heard of Tony Robbins over the years but I really didn’t know who he was or what he did. I just use to say who is this big weird acting guy and what is he talking about. Why I ordered that program that day was because I was really interested in making more changes and actually using some new strategies to improve my life.

The Ultimate Edge

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Included In The Program

  • Get The Edge (10 CD,s) Plus Transcripts
  • Classic Personal Power (7 CD,s) Plus Transcripts
  • Power Talk (7 CD,s)

Let me say that this is a great program and I have listen to is several times and have used the strategies out lined in the program and it has totally changed my life and the way I do and think about things. Tony helps you take control of all the major parts of your life and get you on the right track to living a more successful life.

In this package Tony also includes the first 7 days of his Classic Personal Power program which he actually gets you to start with. This is a great program that starts you off on the right track. You start to learn how you can bring more success to all areas of your life and the underlining reasons why you do what you do and how it may be holding you back from success and how you can turn things around.

Then you start your Get The Edge program which takes your learning to a whole new level. Tony covers everything in these audio and give you strategies to start changing your life now. He covers every area of you life to help you live a better quality of life. There is also an audio at the end of the program called Daily Magic which is exactly what it says. If you use this CD everyday you can actually feel your state change while you are listening to it.

I also received Tony’s Power Talk program. In this program Tony teaches you more about improving more aspects of your life. He also does interviews with some of the most successful people in the world in their field. The interviews are great because you get great insight from some of the most successful people around. It’s like being mentored by them and getting the insider secrets that only they know. Listening to someone who is way ahead of you in any field can really enlightening you to getting a better understanding of how things work.

In all this program is well worth what I paid for it and was really useful for me because you actually get strategies that you can use in your life to help you improve yourself. Tony talks allot but it is well worth listening to over and over again to get the message that you are going to receive from listening to this program.

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