The Psychology of Winning By:Denis Waitley

Dr. Denis Waitley is one of my favorite writers and speakers of all time because he just has this way of motivating and inspiring you to reach for more in your life. He tells you and teaches you that you can become a champion and winner in life if you chose to do so. Dr. Waitley has the credentials to back up what he teaches. He has a doctorate in behavioral therapy and has consulted coperations, government, private organizations and olympic athletes.

The Psychology of Winning By: Dr. Denis Waitley is a book that I have personally read a couple of times. I have just found that it is one of those books even though it is a quick read is packed with information that is simple to understand and apply to your life.

In The Psychology of Winning Denis Waitley give you 10 qualities that make up a total winner and if you follow the instructions that he has lade out for you. You can be on your way to becoming a total winner in your own life. The thing is that there are winners in life and there are losers and the only difference is in what someone knows and their wiliness  to act upon it to what someone doesn’t know or isn’t willing to do what it takes to get what they want out of life. This book will give you the knowledge but it will be up to you to act upon it.

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Opportunities for a self-management, self-starter have never been better. Your most valuable assets today are your abilities to use your mind…to access, communicate and creatively evaluate information. In a society in which the main commodity is becoming information, it’s not your status that matters, but what you know and how quickly you can learn.

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