The Five Love Languages By: Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages By: Gary Chapman will save your marriage. I was first introduced to this book while in business and it was always being mention and recommended by my mentors. It’s funny at the time I really didn’t think that anything was wrong in my marriage or that I really needed to read a book like this but I did and it really helped me improve my marriage and discover new ways to make it better.

In The Five Love Languages you will discover that Dr. Gary Chapman isn’t just a well know marriage councilor. He is a man who lives what he teaches because he has been married for more than forty years so he applies what he teaches. Not like most councilors or book sellers who can’t keep their own marriage together and want to offer you advice on how to keep yours together.

Gary Chapman has discovered that there are five love languages and if you and your mate are speaking the right love language to you each other everything will be alright. But that usually doesn’t happen, one person will speak a different language than their partner. But they usually will try to fill their partners needs the way they want their needs meet. The only thing is we are all different and usually what your partner wants or needs isn’t the same as what you want from your partner. This can lead to one or both of you being unfulfilled in your relationship.

I really believe in the concepts that Gary Chapman teaches in his books about love and relationships because they really work. If you are having problems or just want to make your marriage better I believe that The Five Love Languages Gift Edition: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your MateBy: Gary Chapman will really help you to achieve that.

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