Sam Walton Made In America

I love to read biographies of famous entrepreneurs who against the odds took a small idea and built it into the North American culture. Sam Walton Made In America is one of those biographies. I know there a lot of people who dislike Wal-Mart and this is probably because of all the bad press that they have received over the years of moving into small towns and forcing smaller business out of business.

I have to admit that over the past few years that the service at Wal-Mart has been steadily declining and that their prices are pretty much on par with everyone else’s. But if you want to know the real story behind how that little store in Arkansas became the biggest retail chain in the world and changed the way we shop then Sam Walton: Made In Americais a must read.

The thing that I loved about this book is that it really shows what you can accomplish in North America if you have a dream and are willing to do what it takes to reach it. I also like that you get to meet the real man behind Wal-Mart, Sam Walton and really see the qualities that he possessed as not only an entrepreneur but as a person. After reading this book you will understand why Wal-Mart and Sam Walton had rising to the heights that they have over the years. The media have always portrayed Wal-Mart as this big evil empire destined to take over every small town in North America. But I think that after reading this book you will get the real story of who Sam Walton was and how Wal-Mart came to be. You will get inspired that anything is possible and everyone can live their dream after reading this book.

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