Key To Living The Law Of Attraction By: Jack Canfield

Key To Living The Law Of Attraction By: Jack Canfield

You must have either heard of or seen the movie The Secret or read the book by now if you haven’t it is worth picking up and watching or reading and sharing with family and friends. The Secret touched on an ancient principal called the Law Of Attraction. That is just it though they only touched on it and there is allot more to learn about this principle if you really want to apply it to your life and get success from using it.

Jack Canfield was one of the people featured in The Secret and has written a book that is called Key to Living the Law of Attraction that goes way deeper than The Secret went. In his book he actually goes into great detail what the secret really is and how you can apply it to your life so that you will get the results that you seen people getting in the movie.

I like to refer to this book as a manual instead of a book because it outlines everything you should know and should practice in order to use the Law Of Attraction in your life. He also give you a section in the book where you can write down your thoughts and do the exercises that he suggest to make the law of attraction work for you. The one part that I really like and think is really important for anyone to do is to write out 101 Goals you want to accomplish in your life. We all have to have goals and writing 101 will stretch you. I like to think of it this way if we don’t have any goals set in our lives what do we really have to look forward to.

If you like the The Secret but felt that something was missing or really didn’t know how to apply what you learned to your life. I would suggest that you pick up Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction and other books, DVD’s or audio programs that he has because he has a way of helping you really see and use what he has used in his own life to make your life more successful.

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