The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

I found this to be a great book to read or in my case I listen to it in my car and on my IPhone a couple of times. I know that most of us always want results to appear in our life yesterday. But in this book Jeff Olson explains things a different way.

He explains that in order for us to have success in life we have to use time to our advantage. You see we all want our lives to be better in some way and what Jeff explains in his book is that if you want success it comes by doing the little things that compound over time will bring success to our lives.

Take losing weight for example. We don’t lose weight over night it is a process of eating properly and exercising over time that helps us lose weight. This also goes for being over weight in the first place. We just didn’t wake up one day and we were over weight. It was a process of eating unhealthy foods and not exercising.

Jeff Olson says many times in this book that success and failure come from doing the little things everyday that may not be exciting but over time will compound and have a dramatic effect on your life in the future. These things are easy to do and easy not to do but depending on which route you take will impact you either positively or negatively.

I would recommend you read this book just so that you remind yourself that it is the little things that you do in life that will make an impact in your life long-term.

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