The Power Of Focus

The Power Of Focus By: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Les Hewitt

I ordered this book off of Amazon along with two other books The Success Principles and The Key to Living the Law of Attraction both by Jack Canfield. Let me first start by saying that The Power Of Focus is a great book that is full of lots of principles that you can apply to you life to start making a difference.The Power of Focus concentrates on ten different strategies that if you implement them into your life will improve your business, personal and financial goals. The authors guarantee is that you will far exceed your results that you are experiencing now in these areas.

The Power Of Focus 10 Strategies

  1. Your Habits Will Determine Your Future
  2. It’s All About Focus
  3. Seeing The Big Picture
  4. Creating Optimum Balance
  5. Building Excellent Relationships
  6. The Confidence Factor
  7. Ask For What You Want
  8. Consistent Persistence
  9. Taking Decisive Action
  10. Living On Purpose

At the end of each chapter of Focus Strategies outlined in the book is an action plan that you can take to recognize where you are at and what you have to do to improve. This is an interactive type of book. You just don’t read it and put it back on the shelf. You actually get to take action on what you have learned and apply it to your life. I really liked this book and I’m sure that I will pick it up over and over again to apply what I have learned into my life.

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