The Belly Fat Cure By: Jorge Cruise

The Belly Fat Cure By: Jorge Cruise will change what you thought you knew about diet and exercise. This to me has to be one of those books that will truly change our culture and what we know and do when it comes to diet and exercise.

I first got interested in picking  up this book because I had seen Wayne Dyer on The Ellen Show and he was talking about how he was able to lose 15 pounds and keep it off. It peaked my interest because I am a Wayne Dyer fan and I also knew that he did exercise and still struggled with belly fat like most people. You have to think that Wayne Dyer has run for number years and I’m sure he eats healthy but he still struggles with belly fat.

Jorge Cruise reveals the secrets to truly losing as much weight as you want to without giving up all those things that you love to eat and you can do it without even exercising. Yeah I know it is hard to believe but it works.

I picked this book up probably less than a month ago now and it is unlike any other book that I have ever read on diet and exercise. It is a real easy read and you could probably read it in a day like I did. It is more like a manual that is out lined with some of the best foods for you to eat. The best thing of all you are not depriving yourself of some of the foods you like to eat. If anything it is a guide for you that you can pull out at anytime and check to see if you on track.

Jorge Cruise introducing you to a new carb swap system where you cut sugar to 15 grams or less a day. I know it seems hard to do but it can be done. You also watch your carbs you don’t cut them but you do have to watch them in contrast to carbs that can be loaded with sugar like fruit.

This system in The Belly Fat Cure can help anyone lose the weight that they want if they stick to the plan. I have used it and it works. I like most people my age who don’t really struggle with being really over weight but I do struggle with belly fat. I followed this plan for a week and managed to lose 6 lb’s and 2 and a half inches off my waist in only one week. Not only that I  now have a life plan to help me keep the weight off without depriving myself from the foods that I like to eat.

If you want to know the secret to losing the weight that you want and keeping it off I recommend that you get pick up The Belly Fat Cure By: Jorge Cruise you will be glad you did.

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