Motivation! do you have it or is it something that you have to go out and find. First thing first motivation is an inside job. In order for you to do something you have to want to do it in the first place. This can be challenging at times because most of the things that we need to do are not things that we want to do. This is why we need motivation in order to act on our desires or needs.

How do you get motivated to do something whether it be to workout, start a diet or to improve your family life? I would think that you would focus on what you want to accomplish or goal and not on the task to get you there. If we put our focus on what we want this brings us pleasure in what it would be like or feel like when we reach our goal.

Let’s say you want to start working out. Your focus should be on how your going to look, how much strength you are going to have and how much more energy you will have by being in better shape. This is much better motivation than thinking about how much time the workout will take up and how sore you are going to be in the morning. These are negative thoughts and are not going to get you up off the couch working out. So keep your focus on what you want not what you have to do.

Keeping a positive mindset through positive self talk can also be a great motivator for you. If you are continually saying to yourself that I can do this and I get things done you are programming your mind so that you are ready to take on any task that comes your way. Like I said before that motivation is an inside job and you have to work at it and learn to understand how and what can motivate you.

I personally read books on motivation and listen to audios that can help me stay on pace with what I want to accomplish or when I feel unmotivated to do something. Watching a good movie or video with people who accomplish great things is also a way to get motivated. You will find that you can develop these qualities too and get yourself motivated to do anything that you put your mind to.

Check Out This Video. Great Motivator

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