Attitude The Person You Portray Is What People Think of You

When you are checking out at the grocery store and the cashier is rude, not smiling, and just hands you your change back without saying “Thank you”, how does that make you feel? You probably leave the store in somewhat of a bad attitude. This tends to stick with you so when you get home […]

Tips for Reaching Personal Growth

The great thing about life is that every person has the opportunity to go through stages of personal growth, becoming a better, stronger, and more insightful person. Considered building blocks for life, the key to success in life, whether on a personal or business level requires you to grow as a person. Sadly, many people […]

The Value of Personal Development

Chances are you have heard someone talk about personal development over the years but like most people, you probably wondered what that really means and what the value would be. In summary, if you were to take all of your life experiences and then look at where you are today, that journey would be your […]

Personal Development – Become The Person You Want To Be

We often hear motivational speakers talk about personal development and how it is a key to becoming the person you wish to be. However, it is not always defined to the audience so that they can fully comprehend the term. To develop yourself into the person you wish to be you must be able to […]

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