You Can Change Mindset

I watched my favorite reality show last night in fact I believe that it is the only real reality show on television. The Biggest Loser is one of those shows that just inspires me and motivates me to get off the couch and get moving myself. Really if you have never watched the show it is about a group of people who have finally reached the point in their lives where they have had enough. They are really obese and know that if they don’t change soon it could very well be the end of their life at some point soon.

It is really funny because most of the people who go on the show are just uneducated in the area of health and fitness as well as the rest of North America. I think that we get so many mixed signals to what is healthy and what is not and also that there is always an easy way to accomplish something like losing weight.

I believe that if you want to do anything in your life that has any meaning it isn’t going to be easy. You have to be discipline and have the proper mindset to make those changes in your life.

The biggest loser is great to watch because you can see the changed mindset of the contestants from week to week because usually when they first show up they really want to lose weight but they nether have a plan or the mindset to do so and that is the biggest things they will learn when they are at the ranch.

I think that people have to learn when they are on a quest to lose weight or to change any part of their lives is they have to understand that it has to be done in steps. You just can’t go from point A to the finish and have everything that you want. You have to be willing to put some work into what you want to accomplish and this is done over steps and time. Having some goals set up so that you can keep motivated too is also good.

From the way you handle money to what you eat to the people you choose as your friends and companions … there is a specific reason for every single thing you do in life. And those reasons are part of the programming found in your subconscious mind.

The biggest thing I think though is that you have to have a change in your mindset. This means that you have to abandon the habits that have gotten you to where you are today in life. Whether you are over weight or have other issues that you feel need attention in your life.  Mindset is the controlling factor for you because you have to have a belief that you can reach the goals that you want and not given in to what others may say or think. How many times have you heard someone says that I am meant to be overweight or that is just who I am. I feel really sorry for these types of people because they have given up on themselves and given in to someone Else’s standards or expectations of them.

You can have anything you want and do anything you put your mind to it. That is why it is call putting your mind to something. You thoughts and feelings control everything we do and feel. The biggest secret about this is that only one person controls this and it is us ourselves. Nobody else can control your thoughts that responsibility solely falls upon you.

So if you really want something to change in your life. Change how you think about it and what you think about it and you will have a changed mindset and be able to change anything in your life. Take a lesson from the biggest loser contestants because they have changed their mindset from I can’t do this to I might be able to do this to I will do this. A change mindset is all it takes.

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