Why Are We Fat?

I just signed up for the free month trail that Netflix is offering. Talk about a great deal only $7.99 for the month and the first month is free. I can watch it through the kids Wii that is hooked up to our television.

Well let me get to the point here I was surfing to see what movies they had when I stumbled on the documentary section and started to check out the movies. The one that caught my eye was the 2004 documentary Super Size Me by Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. I have wanted to see this film but haven’t gotten around to it until now. This film really explains why we are fat.

Wow is all I can say about this film and what it really shows you as far as food , diet and health in North America goes and why we are a nation of fat, over weight and unhealthy people. In this film Morgan Spurlock decides that he is only going to eat all his meals at Mc Donald’s for a month. He will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there for the month and see what effects eating fast foods has on you over time. I wasn’t surprise to see the results of what would happen to someone if they ate this so-called food for a month straight all the time.

I really got to thinking this film was made in 2004 and things haven’t really changed as far as people and the obesity rate along with health problems associated with being over weight in North America. People are still not educating themselves on what is healthy for them to be eating. I know that there are many people who blame being over weight on age, family back ground and countless other excuses but the fact remains that if you are over weight and have health problems because of it. I would have to say that the biggest reason is in what you are eating and your lack of education on what is good to eat and what in not.

You can exercise yourself to death to try to maintain your weight or go on the latest fad diet but if you don’t educate yourself on what is the right kinds of food to be eating you will always struggle with your weight.

You should first understand that if you want to start eating healthier you should start with the a simple diet of real food. Stay away from fast food or food that is packaged or dressed and sold as health food. I see many people eating things that they think are good for them but still struggle with their weight and don’t know why. You shouldn’t be on a diet in the first place you should be living a lifestyle that consist of exercise and eating healthy real foods.

Why Are We Fat?

  • We eat too much fast foods
  • Most meals are processed foods
  • We consume too much sugary drinks
  • We don’t exercise enough

How To Lose Weight And Feel Healthier

  • Eat real and natural foods
  • Eat organic foods when possible
  • Drink water instead of juice and soda pop
  • Don’t eat fast foods out or at home
  • Stay away from processed foods
  • Live a lifestyle instead of being on a diet

In all watching that documentary opened my eyes up again to the fact that most people are really not educated when it comes to what is healthy for them to eat and are leaving those decisions in the hands of our governments. It is up to you to educate yourself on what is right and healthy for you and not leave in the hands of large corporations whose job is to get your money at any cost. Even the cost of your health.

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