Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

I had and interesting conversation with my wife today about the weight loss challenge that they have at her work every year. You see every year her company has it’s annual weight loss challenge to see which person can lose the most weight. I think that this is a great thing for her company to do because it gets people who have made those new years resolutions to lose weight some motivation to actually follow through. There is a cash prize if you win and you have some accountability because you have to weigh in so everyone knows what your start weight is so when it’s over you don’t what to be weighing the same weight.

The funny thing is that the same people enter it year after year. I find this funny because if they were able to lose some weight in the first place why didn’t they keep it off.

When talking more to my wife about some of the people who enter year after year I soon come to realize why these people had a problem with their weight and will probably continue to for the rest of their lives. In fact it will probably only get worst as they get older.

You see she was telling me what some their plans were for losing weight and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Most of them were talking about calorie reducing and avoiding carbs plus low fat diets. Some were even following and eating those diet meals that they sell to lose weight. They were willing to follow any weight loss gimmick out there to lose the weight. Very few talked about actually doing some exercise to accomplish this goal.

I was and still am shocked about how little people know about what they need and should be doing to get the weight off and keep it off. Do all the diet foods and gimmick that are around actually work. They work for the person selling them that is. Some people have to get more informed about what is good for them and what is not.

My wife usually enters too herself  just to have some motivation to lose some excess weight gained over the holidays and get ready for the summer months when they arrive. I usually help her along the way so that it is easier for her to accomplish her goal.

Our plan to take the weight off usually is quit easy for anyone to follow because I believe that it is they way we were meant to eat. We also follow an exercise program of doing different things through the week to keep us in shape.

What Is Our Plan

  • We stick to natural foods
  • Don’t eat anything that comes in a box
  • Snack on fruit, nuts or vegetables, no dips
  • Stay away from so called healthy snacks like fiber bars
  • Drink water, No soda pop or juices drink
  • Avoid sugar
  • Exercise on a regular basis, Do something

Those are some of the things that we do and you wouldn’t believe the difference it can make in your weight loss and your over all health.

One of the big things on that list is avoid sugar. You wouldn’t believe the difference that can make in your over all health and the way you feel. This is something that I discovered from a guy named Jorge Cruise author of the book The Belly Fat Cure. He has some very interesting advice on reducing weight especially belly fat.

I don’t know if you ever noticed this. But if you look around today you will notice that almost everyone has belly fat. I have even seen people who are small everywhere else but have belly fat. Allot of people struggle with this area and there is a reason why. Jorge Cruise in his book The Belly Fat Cure exposes the truth to you so you can trim that belly fat off once and for all.

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