Simple Way To Improve Confidence

I was thinking about a subject that I feel that everyone struggles with at one point or another and that is with there confidence and how you can work to improve confidence in yourself. I was thinking what is the main thing that is on your mind when you are struggling with your confidence in something. I believe that is usually lack of information on your part which can paralyze you into not taking any action on something no matter what it is.

Just think about it what are the things that you are most comfortable with. Isn’t it the things that you know more about or at least know that you have all your bases covered on that subject. This is what boost your confidence to be able to push your self forward in what ever you are doing. Just knowing more about it and having the right information can improve confidence right away.

You will often notice that a child who is afraid to do something or who lacks confidence to start a new activity that they are not really familiar with will often be afraid because they don’t know what to expect. For example my whole family just decided to join Teakwon-Do and my oldest son wasn’t really to excited about doing this. Why? Because some of his friends told him that he would have to fight in competitions in order to participate in the sport and he didn’t want to join because of that.

So as a parent I gave him different information on the subject and took him to his first class to check it out with no obligation to join if he didn’t want to. After the first class he was excited to go back and his confidence was boosted just because he had the right information and from the right source.

So to improve confidence right away it can be just a matter of getting the right information on something then taken a little bit of action on it.

Brian Tracy shows you how to: control your confidence level by controlling your thoughts … stop self-defeating behaviors and begin self-confident ones … see yourself as others see you and easily change their perceptions.

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