Is Losing Weight One Of Your Goals

Is Losing Weight One Of Your Goals This Year

It is the beginning of the year again and the beginning of a new decade. Is losing weight one of your major goals this year. Is this the year that you will finally get down to the weight that you want to be. Will you finally have the body that you always dreamed of. Are you all gun ho and finally going to do it.

I think that almost everyone who has set this goal for themselves this year are going to fail. I don’t say this to be mean or to demotivate you but it is just the way it is. Most people who have made losing weight one of their big goals this year are going to fail.

I just started back at my Tae Kwon Do class last night and I noticed that everyone was excited to get started again. Myself included because I needed to shed some extra pounds that I put on over the holidays. The one thing I noticed though is that everyone seemed to have some weight lose goal set for themselves this year. I heard some people saying that they had to lose this much weight this year and that much this year. Only time will tell if they will be able to stick to their plan to lose weight or do they even have a plan.

My experience with weight loss and dieting is that most people want the results and want them right away and they want it to be easy. It is never going to be super fast and it isn’t going to be easy.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you really have to make some dramatic changes in your life and actually change your lifestyle in order to succeed. You really have to educated yourself on not just dieting but eating right and making sure that your body is getting what it needs in order to operate at it’s highest level.

You are going to have to start exercising. I don’t mean that you have to kill yourself but you have to get moving and start doing something if you want to see results. We live in a society in which we all ride around in cars all day and never walk as much as we could just for the exercise. Most of us probably only end up walking from our cars to our work then back again. Well we may do more if we have to go and do some grocery shopping or something. I think you get my point. We have to get moving and get our hearts pumping.

I think that the biggest thing that people fail to understand when it comes to weight loss is that it has to become your lifestyle. You have to develop a different lifestyle that is healthier and the weight will come off naturally. This is just as simple as following a healthy diet and getting some exercise on a regular basis.

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