Does Personal Development Work

Does personal development work? This is a question that I suppose that many people ask themselves when they start on the journey of personal development or are just taking an interest in it. I can only answer that question from my perspective and from the experiences that I have had since becoming involved in developing myself personally.

When starting on your journey of personal development you may think that it only involves having a positive attitude but it is much more than that. For me personal development means that I am trying to improve myself in all areas of my life. Those areas include developing my people skills, building relationships, better attitudes, health and wellness, better mindset, better belief system, goal setting and find myself spiritually.

To improve yourself in any of these areas you have to first get information. Yes you have to get information that is different from the information that you may be already applying in these areas of your life especially if you find that you are failing in these areas. Different information will give you a different perspective on things that are not working for you so that you can apply it and see if it works. The best place to get this information is from others who have success in the areas you want to improve and from books preferably written by someone who has had success in that particular area.

To answer the question does personal development work I would have to say yes. Why? Because I have seen the changes in not only my life but also the lives of my family being my wife and kids where we read and learn to develop ourselves personally.

Here is a great example of how it works for us. My wife came home just the other day and was a bit down because she had some news to tell me that wasn’t good. She said that she would be getting laid off from here job come the end of Feb and this was the beginning of Jan. Right now we are not in the position to have her not bringing in that extra salary and the loss the money will hurt us financially. The thing is that if this had been before we found personal development we would have both panicked and probably started to blame each other over the loss of her job. We would have also felt doomed to what was going to happen and what we might loose when this happens.

But there was none of that we didn’t take it personally because that is what companies do when they have to make changes to be more productive and turn a profit and getting upset or feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help anyone involved. We basically looked at the positive side of things. My wife has wanted a change and a little time off from working daily so she will be getting both. She has also been thinking about a career change and some retraining by going back to school so that option is there for her. We also looked at when things like this happen in the past she always ended up in a better situation than she was at her last job.

So you see that personal development has over the years help our whole family be able to understand and deal with what life has in store for you no matter what it may be. I have learned that it is not the situation you are in but how you deal with that makes the difference in your life. I believe that you can only learn how to deal with situations in your life and improve the quality of it if you learn to look at all areas of your life and develop yourself through personal development.


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