Is Your Belief System Holding You Back

Your belief system plays a major role in how your life is and how your life will turn out. Beliefs will always control the level of success that you have in any area of your life. This is such a simple concept but can be the one thing that will hold you back in accomplishing anything you want to carry out. If you set limiting beliefs you will have limiting results in life.

Believing is just a matter of being able to see yourself reach the results you want. You have to take a look at your life and ask yourself what your beliefs are and are they limiting you from getting what you really want out of your life. Whatever your beliefs are they can be changed for the better. You have been condition from a very early age to what your limitations are.

You Are Conditioned by:

  • Your family members
  • From the way we were raised
  • People we work with
  • Friends
  • Our surroundings

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How Do We Change Our Beliefs

Sense our belief system is the major reason that can keep us from getting what we want out of life then the question is how can we change our limiting beliefs. Well the first thing I would like to suggest is that sometimes you have to forget whatever you have been told by someone who only has limiting thinking. Sometimes this can be someone close to you including family members and friends.

You have to learn to reeducate yourself and develop a belief in yourself that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Let’s face it we see examples of people all around us of famous and not so famous people who accomplished very big goals and dreams in their lives and I’m willing to bet that the biggest deciding factor to them becoming successful was the belief they had that they could do it.

Take Micheal Jordan for example he was cut from his High School basketball team but he didn’t just give up. If he did we wouldn’t ever known who he was or there wouldn’t have been Air Jordan sneakers for that matter. The thing was he didn’t give up because even if nobody else had any belief in him he had it in himself to push on and practice to improve and get better. He didn’t let failure hold him back and went on to become the best basketball player of our time.

Quote: Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, Your Right. Henry Ford

The point is that if you have enough belief in yourself you will reach your goals and dreams as long as you have a solid belief system that you can do it. Another good way to build belief in yourself especially if you are surrounded by people whose belief system may be holding you back is to read biographies of people who were able to attain success in their lives. You will find out that they were no one special but had the belief and determination to live out their dream. It is a great way to get and keep inspired while pursuing your own dreams.

Remember that having success is simply having a belief that it can be done and you can do it.

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I welcome comments on what your belief system is and is it helping you or holding your back in life.

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