Are You Complaining

What Complaining Really Means

Do you complain or are you around people who complain allot? Sometimes complaining can just be a signal for you that something has to change. I read about this concept in Jack Canfields book The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be and it really make sense to me.

What he says is that if you are complaining about something it means you have a reference point to something that you prefer but are not willing to risk creating. This is a deep concept if you really take the time and really exam the things that you are complaining about in your life. For example if you are complaining about your job you have a better image in your mind of your ideal job or the way you would like things to be at your present  job.

If you are complaining it simply means that you feel that there is something better that you could be experiencing or you wouldn’t be complaining about it. This also means in order for you to get that better experience you would have to take a risk or do something about it.

The second part of this concept is that if you are complaining about something you usually do it to someone who can’t change it for you. Example you usually complain about work to your spouse, friends or other co workers instead of the boss or manager of your company the one person who may be able to make the changes.

If you have a complaint about something it has to be shared with the person who can actually do something about it. Most people will not do this because they are afraid of the outcome and this is normal. But ask yourself this question if I am complaining about something to all the wrong people in my life how can I expect to have the changes that I want to happen for me in my life.

So in closing I guess if you are complaining about something the thing you have to do is understand what you are complaining about and do something about it. Complain to the right people if you really want things to change in that area of your life. You should also understand that if you are complaining too much to people who really can’t do anything about it most of the time they don’t want to hear about it anyway if they can’t help you with your complaint.

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