Personal Development – Become The Person You Want To Be

We often hear motivational speakers talk about personal development and how it is a key to becoming the person you wish to be. However, it is not always defined to the audience so that they can fully comprehend the term. To develop yourself into the person you wish to be you must be able to understand your capabilities, acknowledge your talents, improve upon the knowledge you have already acquired, and have a strong vision of your dreams and goals and how you can realistically accomplish them.

To move positively forward in life one must be aware of the concept of personal development in order to achieve and reach the platform he or she is reaching for. For some, it is a natural occurrence in which they have conditioned themselves to. For others, maybe those of low self-esteem, it takes a process of steps to become the person they wish to become. As an example, I pose this hypothetical situation:

  • Suppose you work at an office of twenty employees, all working at the same level of pay and status. Some employees have seniority, having been employed with the company for many years longer than others. Some employees have been with the company for a much shorter period of time. Let’s say that management posts a position that would elevate the selected applicant to a higher status and wage. It is at this point in your life that personal development plays a key role in whether or not you get selected for the position. The position isn’t always awarded to the employee that has the most seniority; it is often awarded to the employee that has shown the ability to grow and develop and strong knowledge of what the employer is seeking. Sadly, there are many who never rise above the position they hold simply because they don’t develop the ability to see beyond where they are now.

No matter what it is you are doing in life; be it your career, your family, your social status, personal development is extremely important if you wish to feel fulfilled in all the things you do in life. One can stand at the foot of the mountain and never have the desire to climb. While others view the mountain as a way to improve themselves and thus the take on the challenge of climbing that mountain, building strength and endurance along the way.

You can build your personal development in many ways; each person is different as to how they accomplish the goals and dreams they have in life. The first thing you must do, however, is to ask yourself if you are satisfied at the level you are at; if the answer is “no” than you must utilize what you have already learned and expand upon that. The following are some useful steps you can take to help you develop into the person you wish to be:

  • Set realistic goals: Realistic goals are those that are easily attainable when the person works harder to reach those goals.
  • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses: Utilize the strengths you have to help improve your weaknesses. Knowing what your weaknesses are allows you to work harder to turn those weaknesses into strengths. This is a very key aspect to personal development; it is not enough to know your strong points; you must also know where you lack strength.
  • Envision yourself as the person you wish to be and never lose sight of that vision.
  • Eliminate complacency from your life; if you feel you cannot rise any higher than where you are now, chances are you won’t. Don’t settle for second best when it is within you to achieve better.

Most humans have an innate mechanism that propels them to do better in life in all areas of their life. They achieve this by understanding the importance of personal development and apply it to their every-day life style. We all want to succeed in all the things we do and if you can envision yourself being successful, you are on your way to obtaining that success.

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