A Strong Foundations To Build Relationships On

The most important aspect in all relationships is the ability to communicate; without that ability you are building on unstable ground. The fact is, no matter how much you love, admire, and respect somebody, if you can’t communicate properly with them, you will lose that connection.

We go about life forming relationships that are sometimes permanent and sometimes short-lived. When we find our suitable mate and get married, that relationship evolves over the years. The divorce rate as high as it is, is a stark reminder of how far too many relationships are not founded on strong foundations; meaning, couples lose the ability to communicate properly and the marriage dissolves and dies a painful death. However, the other fifty percent of marriages that do survive have one commonality; the ability to communicate with each other and talk through their problems instead of sweeping them under the rug. Relationships in general, not just marriage, are a commitment that takes considerable work to keep up. One should not assume a friendship or marriage will last forever if he or she is not willing to put in their fair share of work towards it.

When we become parents we tend to forget that these little people are “people” and deserve the same amount of commitment we devote to our marriages and friendships, meaning we must be able to communicate with our children in the same way we communicate with our spouse and friends. The relationships we have with our children are as very important as they learn from our example. If they see us engaging in open and honest communication with each other and our friends, they will, in turn, mock the way we handle our relationships. Building upon a strong foundation when communicating with our children is something they will take with them throughout their lives and most likely emulate the same in all their relationships throughout their lives.

When I was a child I had many friends but at that age I didn’t comprehend the full extent of what it really meant to have real friendship relationships; they were kids I played with and had fun with and as a child, that’s all that mattered. As an adult the term “friendship” is used very loosely and many people don’t equate friendship to real relationships; they are just people they have some things in common with, spend some time with, and talk to now and then. A true friendship is as much as a commitment as any of the other relationships you have in your life; it should be nurtured and held in high regard and the lines of communication should always be made available. I have often said, in my adult life, that a person should not have more friends than they have time to commit to. A true friendship is one of those special relationships that stand the test of time. No matter the distance between the two, or how many years it has been since you had seen each other, when you do re-connect, it’s as though you had never been apart. This is because those rare relationships have been founded on solid ground and are often unshakeable.

Even though life is hectic at times and frustrations and stress fall upon us, if your relationships are built on a solid foundation of open communication you have a far greater chance of weathering the storm and coming out of it in one solid piece.

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